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Diaperwolrd has a wealth of experience in the Sourcing and Importing of Quality Baby & Adult Diapers from around the world. For over 10 years we have built up a network of Agents dealing directly with Factories throughout "Europe, North & South America and the Far East." Our Primary Business is the wholesaling of Bulk Diapers to distributors in Southern Africa.

"These distributors are responsible for the grading, packaging and marketing of the finished product." "We also have a packaging warehouse at our premises in Florida, Johannesburg where we supply" to the retail trade as well as Hospitals and nursing homes ect. Eighty percent of our product is Select 2nd choice grade with the balance being 1st grade.

"Accumulating so much stock from different Factories can mean that the Brand Names change,"however, the quality of the diaper will always remain constant." All our Brands are House Hold names in their Country of origin.
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"Is to offer a high quality product, as an alternative to the expensive pre-packed diapers found in our""Supermarkets, at a very fair and affordable price."